Privacy Statement

We believe in the right to privacy in creativity.Creativity can be deeply personal. Creativity can be proprietary and commercial. Creativity can be silly, edgy or profound. No matter what, your creativity should be yours and yours alone.

Privacy protects everyone. Large companies like Apple and WhatsApp have doubled down on privacy-first strategies. Companies hoarding user data has led to cyberattacks, identity theft and unscrupulous targeting of consumers. When companies have given themselves the job of deciding what is true or not true, good and bad, the results have been messy and divisive. For us, prioritizing privacy is both the right thing to do and a smart business decision, because private services are safer.

What we do not collect:

  • We do not collect or store any text or imagery inputs you enter into the platform.
  • We do not collect or track any outputs from the models that are requested by users.
  • We do not download any cookies or trackers that track information outside of the Mesopotamia website.

What we do collect:

  • We collect your IP address to help us track where people are using our service. If you would like us to not see your IP address, we allow and encourage the use of VPNs on our site.
  • We track activity on the site such as what pages people access or what buttons are clicked. We use this information in aggregate to make UI improvements.
  • We may track the numerical hyperparameters that people choose for the generative models. This is used in aggregate to make UI improvements. These cannot be used to infer what text or imagery input was entered.
  • We collect emails from users for billing, preventing bots from using the site, and updating users about Mesopotamia. Emails are never shared with third-parties.

Other notes:

  • You may not conduct illegal activity of any kind on this site.
  • We never directly or indirectly sell data to third-parties.
  • We never attempt to discover what users are generating except through voluntary contributions with explicit consent.
  • When images are uploaded, they must be temporarily stored on our servers while they are submitted to the models. They are used only for this purpose and deleted as soon as possible.
  • We own most of our own APIs. However, we are not above using partner APIs if it means we can provide a better user experience. Whenever possible, we avoid working with any partner who stores data on their servers, and we ensure our partners are as committed to privacy as we are. In the rare event we do use a partner API that collects data, we will always clearly indicate this on the website GUI.

Contact us if you have questions!

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